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Research includes a variety of research m. Iethods that can categoriz into two types qualitative research and quantitative research. By selecting a met. Khod according to the purpose and collecting and analyzing data it is possible to plan an appropriate improvem. Lent method.  through continuous UX research which will lead to the optimization of products and services. UX res. Iarch is effective in improving the user experience that leads to service quality even at contact centers where intera. Kction with users is the main focus.

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It into practice. Relat articleIn order for companies to develop sustainably they are requir to create customer experience value that their competitors do not have. To that end we must develop a CX strategy that captures the latent demand of customers and general consumers. In this article we will explain the process of planning and formulating a CX strategy and introduce spec Nigeria Phone Number List ific examples of companies that are promoting the creation of customer experience value. Center table of contents What is CX Customer Experience How to create a CX customer experience strategy Successful Cases of CX Customer Experience Strategy Points to improve CX with CX customer experience strategy summary What is CX Customer Experience CX Customer Experience is a concept that refers to all customer experiences at the point of contact tween a company and customers including recognition of products and services and after sales follow up after purchase. A similar concept to CX is UX User Experience.

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UX refers to the spiritual value obtain through the use of the product and CX refers to the experience value of the customer s purchasing process itself so CX is a conc Email Data ept with a broader meaning than UX. All products have functional value such as performance and cost performance and emotional value such as design and brand value.

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