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On the other hand if you suddenly make a large scale effort not only will the site confus but the damage will greater if you fail. In addition the introduction of digital technology does not end there. Even if you make a digital shift there is a risk that you will not get the expect results. Therefore after introducing digital technology sure to periodically verify its effectiveness. It is also important to verify the effectiveness and make improvements as necessary.

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Improvements bas on the results of effectiveness verification. Consider system renewal Some companies continue to use legacy systems. Legacy systems are often incapable of keeping up with today s latest technology which can hinder the digital shift. There is also the idea that existing systems can customiz but in the first place we cannot . Even if you customize it you will end up spen Jordan Phone Number List ding a considerable cost. Also even if the latest digital technology is introduc problems may occur due to legacy systems. Since the latest technology cannot us to its full potential it is necessary to consider the balance with newly introduc tools and systems and also consider renovating existing systems. summary In order to meet the nes of the times and achieve operational efficiency companies are requir to make a digital shift. To realize the digital shift clarify the purpose analyze the gap and consider the selection and introduction of the most suitable tools and systems.

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Done backwards from the purpose start small and consider system innovation. It should not that the digital shift does not end there. Keep in mind that going digit Email Data al is meaningless if it doesn t contribute to the organization s bottom line. Efforts to strengthen customer touchpoints after the transition to digital have the potential to further enhance the nefits of the organization. For details please see the document low.which is an important point of contact with customers Voice of customer VOC is accumulat day and night.

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