Automation of routine work is ideal

Goal setting is a foundational part of the process that follows so make sure it s solid. do a gap analysis Once you have a clear goal figure out the gap tween the current situation and the ideal. By understanding the gaps you can see what is lacking and what nes to done to achieve your ideals. Let s compare the current situation with the ideal situation and use digital technology to fill in the gaps that come apparent. Select and introduce optimal digital technology Once you have identifi the gaps select digital technologies that can fill them.

For example if your ideal is to attract

Customers online”and your current situation is “tele appointments and door to door sales by sales representatives ” you can consider introducing web advert Jamaica Phone Number List sements own mia launching websites and operating SNS. Also if  in charge of manual work at present the introduction of RPA is effective. It should not that a certain level of knowlge about digital technology is requir to determine what tools and systems are necessary to fill the gap. Important Ideas for Realizing the Digital Shift In order to realize the digital shift it is important to approach with backcasting. Also the key to success is to start small and make improvements repeatly rather than suddenly making large scale shifts. approach with backcasting Backcasting is a way of thinking that envisions your goals and ideals and thinks about what you should do backwards from there.

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In the digital shift you must first decide

What you want your company to your ideal image and purpose. Once that is decid digital technology is introduc to fill the gaps deriv from the analysis. If you appro Email Data ach it with backcasting you can figure out what to do and what to introduce by working backwards from what it should . Starting Small and Repeating Improvements When working on the digital shift conscious of starting small. If it is a digital shift in a limit range even if it fails it will not suffer much damage.

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