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Phrases such as improving product services and increasing customer satisfaction by analyzing and utilizing VOCs have come establish regardless of the industry but on the other hand actually it is almost untouch There are quite a few companies that say Just take a sample and collect it once. In this article we will explain the flow from preparation to text mining operation to avoid ing left hind in VOC activities. What is text mining that realizes the whole VOC analysis that I can t ask now table of contents.

Preparations fore VOC analysis Efficient

Operation of VOC analysis  How to utilize VOC analysis results company wide . State of the art technology to prevent VOC analysis results from ending with materials for consideration summary . Preparations fore VOC analysis fore conducting VOC analysis the first th Kazakhstan Phone Number List ing you should prepare is data including customer feback. Data  logs etc. are likely to target but each has advantages and disadvantages when analyzing. Advantages and disadvantages of each data type Response history Advantages The main points are summariz in a concise manner making it easy to understand the content of the inquiry. Disadvantages Information is select by the operator and topics may overlook. Call log Advantages All interactions during the call are visualiz and deep analysis including emotions is possible. Disadvantages Depends on speech recognition accuracy and requires skill for analysis.

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Chat log Advantages All interactions during the

Conversation are visualiz and can analyz in depth. Disadvantages There are a lot of routine exchanges preprocessing is essential and skills for analysis are requir. Analysis difficulty increases in the order of response history chat log conversation log but the amount of inform Email Data ation that can obtain increases accordingly so it is recommend to start with the response history and gradually switch the target data. increase. Add attribute information to analyz data When starting from the response history it is a good idea to prepare not only free text fields to analyz but also attribute information.

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