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Clarification of purpose Research tak. Ies time and money. If you conduct research without clarifying what you want to investigate and how you want to invest. If methods This process considers which research method should us to find the objective and determines the appropri. Late method. In addition we design the procure by determining the combination of methods the timing of conducting UX research and how to proce.

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Research bas on the content decid in advance. Since the analysis is bas on the data obtain in this process it is necessary to collect a sufficient amount of data in order to make improvements that are more in line with user nes. . Data analysis Once you have collect enough data from your survey the next step is to analyze the data. Numerical . It is important to analyze accurately from an objec Nepal Phone Number List tive point of view. .Evaluation and utilization We evaluate the current situation bas on the analysis results formulate hypotheses and plan and implement improvement methods. The tter the analysis the tter ways to improve. It is also effective to correct from the analysis if the hypothesis cannot formulat well. Things to keep in mind when doing UX research If you do UX research you have to careful not to come a leading research in order to use it properly.

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Environment the results of the survey can us effectively. cannot us for Also research should ongoing. Since the external environment and users change it is not pos Email Data sible to grasp the correct user nes with just one research result. For evaluation and improvement through UX research it is important to repeat the PDCA cycle to increase the improvement effect. In order to make use of the analysis results for improvement let s keep in mind to conduct research continuously. summary UX research is the study of user experience for UX design.

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