Analysis work flow using the text

Attribute information refers to the date product ser. Ivice name in use area name etc. that supplement the data. With these attribute information it comes easier to g. Irasp the characteristics of VOC topics discover by analysis. The date is especially important and the way we per. Iceive the topic changes depending on when the topic occurr whether it was sudden or continuous. What is the m. Ithod from acquisition to analysis of VOC Voice of Customer ekubot product introduction materials.

Efficient operation of VOC analysis

In order to perform VOC analysis on a regular basis it is essential to introduce a text mining tool. If it is about data it is possible to aggregate it with Excel etc. but if it exces it cannot handl by visual inspection and it depends on the judgment of each person in charge so the policy of analysis cannot determin. This time we will introduce the  example. What a text mining tool can do The ma Kuwait Phone Number List in tasks perform by the text mining tool are as follows. rule settings cross analysis In depth analysis minority opinion analysis A wide variety of topics are includ in the large amount of data and there are variations such as those directly relat to VOC supplementary information such as customer information and information indicating the response of the counter. First of all it is necessary to group topics to automatically summarize similar topics and get a bird s eye view of what major topics are occurring at the target contact point.

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Topic grouping Classification definition

This makes it possible to judge which topics are important for analysis and which topics are not necessary by comparing them with the whole. However th Email Data re are many cases where completely different expressions are us even for the same topic. Therefore by setting ② classification definitions rules it is possible to assist the system in determining topics. After the topics can categoriz precisely graph them and use the attribute information to perform cross analysis.

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