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From these results it is possible to discover chro. Inological changes and topical trends by region etc. and use them to extract more specific issues. After finding a top. Iic that has a higher numr of cases than others or that is occurring in a certain period or region In depth ana. Ilysis visualizes relat topics. By doing this we can grasp the situation such as There is a deep relationship tween  in the backgro. Iund of expressing the opinion of.

In addition to major topic trends

Minority opinion analysis is also important. If you tak. Ie out only a few topics and narrow them down to rising opinions you will able to discover unknown nes and com. Iplaints at an early stage and you will able to take the initiative in business. The introduction of a text min. Iing tool is a must cause it not only enables comprehensive analysis like this but it also enables ste Latvia Phone Number List ady operation that is not affect by the change of department of the person in charge. . How to ut. Iilize VOC analysis results company wide After doing the analysis work with a text mining tool you ne to share the resu. Ilts internally. For example there are deployment methods such as creating a monthly report and sending it by e m. Iail or placing it on a shar server within the company but this involves several issues. Issue It takes a lot of man hou/.. UIrs to create a report Issue Reports creat with great pains are not read Issue The freshness of information changes depending on the reader s timing Even if we us a tex.

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Ining tool to improve the efficiency of the analysis

Work we had to summarize the results requir by upper management and other departments resulting in a large work of dozens of pages which took a week to create. I also hear the case that… In addition only the summary of the report that was creat with great effort is Email Data read out at the meeting and the materials plac on the shar server are¬† will outdat. Staying motivat can difficult. Automatic sharing of analysis results keeps them fresh Text mining tools not only have analysis functions but also products that automate analysis processing and automatically share results.

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