Marketing and communication tip video 4 + 1 (March 2020)

 The month of April has begun with a previous March hit by an unprecedented situation due to the crisis that the coronavirus has caused, and continues to cause, throughout the world. But today I don’t want to talk to you about this because surely your brain is receiving an excess of impacts with information about it every day. For better and for worse, with good and bad news, we have to move forward and not stop. Today I bring you the summary of the four video tips that I published in March. Videos between one minute and three minutes that are simple.


 Given the avalanche of messages, private messages and emails that I have received these days about what to publish on the social networks of our corporate brands or personal brand, I respond with three basic suggestions in my video. I hope this is understood well. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be sold. I am one of the people who right now criticizes the way in which some “professionals” sell. Obviously job function email list you have to sell because you have to eat and pay bills and other issues, but there are ways and means of selling.

The Secret in times of Coronavirus

Therefore, The secret is that tomorrow you don’t think that you could have done something more. In these times of confinement. where we all have the obligation and duty to be extremely responsible and more empathetic than ever. Where psychosis. hysteria and collective paranoia only generate more psychosis. Therefore, more hysteria and more unnecessary paranoia. Where we must be more human, less selfish, more supportive, understanding and tolerant. Where the innate rebellion that exists in us as human beings should now only Email Data serve to listen to health professionals and decisions to survive, leaving aside the incongruity and meaninglessness of contrary actions.

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