Courageous and resilient in times of crisis

Today more than ever I remember this phrase from my. Where we shelter uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Where the suffering of others for those we love is more present than ever. Where everything seems to have a bitter dark color… It’s time to be brave! Time to understand that this is the preamble to opportunities. Time to stick out your chest and face your fears. Time to become more professional and better people. Time to understand that our vulnerability due to the human condition also makes us more resilient.

Time to be more tolerant

Time to be more tolerant, more honest, more empathetic, more supportive… more human. Moments of understanding other people’s situations, as if they were our own. It is time to give in to the aggressiveness of words that do not compensate. It never does. Time to calm down, to calm the restless waters of humanity. It is time to be more generous than ever to the extent possible. And to the extent that it doesn’t, maybe too.¬† It’s time to listen more and talk less. It is just time to open our minds more, instead of email database closing it, guarding the collective knowledge that makes us greater. Because remember that the brave also kiss the cold mud. But they don’t get attached to him.

Make the customer a prescriber for love of the brand

 Make the customer a prescriber for love of the brand. This week, the portal par excellence for news about the tourism sector, HOSTELTUR, interviewed me to talk about Emotional Marketing, Experiential Marketing and Storytelling. Here you have the original link to the interview. I also take this opportunity to leave some photos that were taken of me at my conference at the first edition Email Data of the MOST CONGRESS event, which was held in Beni dorm last Wednesday, February 19. And as a result of this, they previously conducted this interview with me that I transcribe here.

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