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In order to develop promotions that lead to results we us a combination of “product” and “age” data and also work to improve the flow by conducting VOC analysis. As a result in addition to successfully increasing the contact rate by . times outbound costs were ruc by and sales were tripl compar to the previous year . Rakuten Securities Co. Ltd. Improves the problem that the phone cannot connect.

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Scale the volume of securities transactions increas and as a result of the sudden increase in the numr of inquiries users who made inquiries were unable to answer the phone . To solve this problem we decid to introduce LLSYSTEM s CRM solution. In order to flexibly resp Malta WhatsApp Number List ond to the increase in call volume the company convert its existing PBX telephone exchange system to the cloud with a CRM solution . In addition we have introduc a system that visualizes the operation status of the contact center at each stage from the numr of incoming calls to the connection status of tLSYSTEM has introduc the services it provides to its customers in house and has ruc the turnover rate of its operators.

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Retirement trends conduct by the company most of the reasons for retirement were work anxiety and deterioration of physical condition. In order to improve this situation it was necessary to create an environment in which operators could properly car for and to ruce the wor Email Data k burden.   accounts to automate support operations for operators using AI chatbots . As a result by aggregating and analyzing the logs accumulat through LINE exchanges it came possible to detect the risk of operator turnn improvement in the retention rate and a ruction in training costs.

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