Introducing AI Note-Taking, AI Math Assistance Dynamic Templates & more

Your notes are SAFE and you won’t have to pay to continue using 5. If you want to upgrade to 6. And your notes will be transferred automatically. 6: Your notes just got way smarter 6 is the next generation of digital note-taking. It’s the note-taking app you know and love, with a fresh new look and a new suite of features. AI-powered writing aids to help you write with confidence can learn and generate text in your handwriting. Here’s the start: Spellcheck. Write typo free, and get words automatically corrected in your handwriting. Word Complete. Forget how to spell a word? 6 can give you prompts. This is like an early version of autocomplete. Our goal is to make it responsive enough to finish your sentences, and help you save time taking notes.

New learning tools to help you ace your exams

Interactive Exam Practice. Find practice materials for public. Exams like SATs and practice straight in . Today, you can already find SAT and DSE math prep courses. More to come soon!. AI Math Assistance. As you write in math prep courses. 6 can catch a wrong equation. If you’ve ever found yourself. Studying Azerbaijan Mobile Number List alone and having no. One there to ask when you’re stuck on a question, we made this feature for you. In the future. We want to  make smart enough. To be an AI Tutor in more STEM subjects and beyond. Intuitive pen gestures to write without breaking your flow Scribble to Erase. Made a mistake? You don’t have to reach for the eraser. Just scribble it out using the pen and continue writing.

Highly requested features coming soon to Goodnotes

That means in addition to converting handwriting to text, you’ll also be able to convert equations. From your feedback: We will also be adding Math Conversion to 5 as well. (Shout out to the user volunteers that helped us perfect this Math Conversion technology!) More templates, more customization Customize the size and color of your templates. Want to create a square notebook? Wish you could have lined paper with blue lines? You can customize   and create exactly the paper you want in 6. Multi-colored folders. If  Email Data you want to be able to organize based on color, you can now change the colors of your folders. You can even add an icon or emoji to the folder color to personalize it further. In-app marketplace.

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