Note-Taking Apps Guaranteed to Change Your Life

Google Bard. Baidu’s Ernie. AI isn’t just dominating tech headlines. It can also help you organize your notes and writing so you spend less time searching for information. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who loves taking notes, read on to discover the best AI-powered note-taking apps on the market. But first, what is an AI note-taking app AI note-taking apps use artificial intelligence to analyze and record text or audio, create new content, and make intelligent suggestions based on your prompts. For this list, we’ve gone ahead and divided our 14 favorite AI note-taking apps into the following categories: AI note-taking apps that write for you AI note-taking apps that boost creativity Find out which AI note-taking apps best suit your needs. Let’s get started! AI note-taking apps that write.

AI note-taking apps that take notes while you listen

Have writer’s block Don’t worry, these AI note-taking apps can begin writing for you. Using generative AI, they can not only create new content, but proofread your finished work, translate it into other languages, or create summaries as well! Whilst useful, we recommend using these AI-generated outputs as suggestions and further review them for accuracy. 1. Notion source: Notion Price: Forever free plan. US$10/month for Notion AI add-on ‍Platforms: Desktop, web, iOS, Android Notion is a super customizable note-taking app that lets Guatemala Mobile Number List you organize your notes and documents in a wiki or database. Notion’s new AI feature will make writer’s block a thing of the past. You can now write blog posts, essay outlines, and emails at the click of a button. Put in a prompt (“write an essay outline on organic chemistry!”) and watch the words magically appear on the page. You can even provide a text prompt .

AI note-taking apps that reorganize information for you

Notion’s AI to summarize it. Notion’s AI can also jumpstart your writing process by giving you a first draft or outline to work from. It still isn’t robust enough to generate high-quality long-form essays, but it can give you a push to get you started on writing your next great essay! 2. Craft Price: Free Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad apps, Web, Windows apps. Craft is an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasingBahamas Mobile Number List document creator. Are you having trouble writing a company announcement You Email Data Bahamas Mobile Number Listcan get ideas about how to continue writing with Craft’s AI assistant. The continue writing prompt in Craft can help you generate logical follow-up text based on what you’ve already written. This AI technology can give you a creative push to finish a draft or simply offer another set of eyes to edit your work. 3. Canva Magic Write Source: Canva Price: Free Platforms: Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android.

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