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Reasons why chatbot introduction fail and points for success Introduction of chatbot solution How chatbots work If you are considering implementing a chatbot make sure you understand how it works. Basic mechanism Chatbots work by linking bots and applications via API. API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface and is a technology that allows the functions of other services to link. With this mechanism the inquiry enter by the customer reaches the bot via the API.

The bot program performs keyword analysis

And database searches converts the deriv results into text and sends them back to the application. Conversation mechanics The reason why communication seems to work with chatbots is cause there are rules. Since the rules are set in advance it . The chatbot also extracts keyw France WhatsApp Number List irectly link to the answer. After extracting the keywords find the answer from the database. The more information you have in your database the more likely you are to get a tter answer. When the program finds the answer text it answer it and you re done. A chatbot that uses AI technology learns as it interacts so the accuracy of its answers gradually increases. types of chatbot mechanics When it comes to chatbots there are many different types. Scenario type AI type Eliza type etc. are well known and the mechanism of answering each is different.

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Scenario type mechanism Scenario

Type conducts exchanges bas on a scenario set in advance and leads to an answer. Users can obtain the information they want by repeating the action of selecting the ap Email Data propriate item from the display options. The advantage is that the burden on the user is small cause the answer can obtain simply by selecting from the options. On the other hand if the content of the inquiry is not firmly assum the user will not able to reach the answer so you must careful. Also if the question is complicat it may difficult to respond.

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