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Even when responding directly you can quickly find the answer by referring to the FAQ which improves work efficiency. In addition it is also effective in improving the operational efficiency of contact centers and rucing the burden on staff. This is cause the numr of inquiries can ruc by creating an environment where customers can solve their own questions. How to make a FAQ There s no point in spending time writing a FAQ if it doesn t work.

To create a well functioning FAQ collect

Information organize it link answers and check the content. . Collection of information To create an FAQ you ne to know what questions have en ask frequently in the past. Check the history of past inquiries and conduct interviews with employees. It is also effective to ask third parties to use your product or service and get their honest impressions. We ask people with little or no prev Cambodia WhatsApp Number List ious knowlge to use it and we extract the parts that raise concerns or questions. . Organizing information It is the process of organizing the collect information. Some of the information we have collect has receiv a lot of inquiries while others have had a few inquiries. In order to include frequently ask questions and answers in the FAQ let s pick up frequently ask questions with priority. Also categorize. For example how to use the service payment method procure for cancellation etc. By organizing information by category in this way you can create FAQs that allow users to smoothly access the answers they seek.

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Associating responses Link the answers

To the extract questions. If you do not prepare an accurate answer you may lose the trust of your customers and contact center staff so base your answers on correct sour Email Data ces such as specifications and manuals. As a general rule we don t go into lengthy explanations in the FAQ. We will provide a concise and easy to understand answer and . If you ne to supplement your answer link it to relevant content. . Confirmation of contents If there is an error in the answers to the FAQ it will cause inconvenience to users.

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