Google Search Console settings

Google Analytics is full of useful features that help you analyze your website’s performance. You can see how many visitors you get each month and where they come from. Based on the goals you set, you can see which pages are performing best and what results they bring.

Before doing anything with Google Analytics, make sure you selected the correct version when setting up the tool. The latest version, Google Analytics 4, includes new features that can give you better data.

The previous version, Universal Analytics, is scheduled to be retired in 2023. If you’re looking to migrate Universal Analytics to GA4, you may need help from a digital agency.

Don't forget Google Tag Manager

This is another tool that is essential for improving many aspects Whatsapp Number List of your website. Google Search Console reports provide information about your site’s performance.

This will help you understand which pages are ranking for specific keywords so you can better plan your future strategy. You may also discover potentially fatal errors that can slow down the performance of your website pages.

When setting your SEO priorities, Google Search Console should be at the top of your list. This tool is full of information to help you improve your SEO. It’s easy to find issues that can significantly affect search engine performance.

Determine the scope of the problem

GSC displays pages that are not indexed and therefore invisible to search engines. It also lets you Email Data know if there are technical glitches that may prevent some pages from displaying on mobile devices.

You can also use GSC to display up-to-date backlinks to your website from other sites. If you need more help improving your backlinks, take a look at Backlink Checker . It’s like Google Search Console on steroids because it always provides accurate, up-to-date data.

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