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Cost of cloud PBX The cost of cloud PBX is as follows. Telephone about to yen us machine is about to yen Server setting cost about to yen Call charge about yen for minutes Operating cost basic monthly fee Approximately to yen per line No exchange fee or construction cost requir business phone cost A business phone is a system that uses a PBX install in the company to wire connect each phone and centrally manage them.

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A line and connect to outside and extension lines. The target scale is about units and there are not so many peripheral devices that can connect. Business phone prices are as follows Telephone about to yen us machine is about to yen Replacement machine about to yen Germany WhatsApp Number List Construction cost About to yen Call charge about yen for minutes No operating costs PBX cost rate It is literally a system that centrally manages in house telephones using PBX. It looks like a business phone but there are some differences. First of all the scale of usage is larger than that of business phones and thousands of PBXs can connect. Therefore the price of the PBX to install will higher than the business phone. In addition there are more peripheral devices that can connect than business phones. PBX is roughly divid into two types the type call legacy PBX and the type call IP PBX . Legacy PBX has a long history and is nam Legacy to distinguish it from later PBX.

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Extension lines of up to several thousand units and it is highly practical cause it can combine the lines of multiple bases into one. On the other hand IP PBX is a method that uses an IP network company LAN instead of a telephone line. It isĀ  as linking the phone and comp Email Data uter and saving the contents of the call. PBX pricing is as follows. The range is wide cause there is a gap in the mching machine to several tens of millions of yen Construction cost to several million.

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