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In some cases they may never buy your product again. It has come commonplace for customers to spread information about how they were treat at the customer service desk on social mia or post it on review sites. Evaluations on SNS and review sites have a large impact on other users purchase considerations so it is important to improve the quality of customer service and increase the numr of positive reviews. Capabilities requir for customer contact Customer service is not only directly link to customer satisfaction but also impacts corporate earnings and brand i performance.

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The acquisition rate is an important KPI. If the acquisition rate is low we hypoth mage. What kind of competencies are requir for a customer contact who plays an important role The following three abilities are typical. communication ability The first skill requir is the ability to c through the customer contact is another reason why a customer contact is requir. The customer co Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List ntact also plays an important role in delivering customer feback to relat departments such as the product planning and marketing departments. The vo ommunicate and listen to the nes of customers. Customer contact operators must have the communication ability to listen to customers understand their problems respond appropriately and transfer problems to the appropriate department.

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Problems coherently and customers have varying levels of product expertise. You may ne to ask the operator questions as appropriate to confirm the main points and changing the way you explain depending on who you are talking to is one of your communication skills.  custo Email Data mers but also for cooperation with other departments such as accurately conveying customer requests within the company. Ability to handle complaints The customer service desk is also a place to receive complaints from customers so the ability to respond to complaints is also requir.

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