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Vext Portal automatically reflects and updates the automatically process analysis results on the portal site for real time company wide sharing. Since the scope of viewing can set for each account it is possible to provide appropriate information for each department and position . In addition by posting relat materials and comments on the site screen it is possible to share hints that lead to the next action that cannot convey by graphs alone.

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Rssults from ending with materials for consideration VOC is call a treasure trove and is important information that serves as management guidelines. Turn VOC into knowlge “Knowlge” is the most important thing in contact centers.  to support the self solving ability of customers and enable operators to provide high quality response without the support of SVs it is neces Lebanon Phone Number List sary to gather knowlge such as FAQs and talk flows . Expansion is an urgent issue. Since VOC contains many voices that are unclear or dissatisfi with customers it can said that it is suitable information for extracting What do you not understand and Where is the real problem increase. Vext Knowlge which uses the latest text mining technology not only automatically groups topics but also judges importance selects topics as QA candidates extracts the context of topics talk flow etc.

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These can us not only for common inquiries post on the website but also in various scenes such as chatbot answer knowlge and reflection in operator manuals. Another feature is that you can obtain knowlge that goes yond mere question and answer sessions such as finding Email Data successful patterns by narrowing down to calls that block cancellations. summary While VOC is a treasure trove it is necessary to start with data selection after considering what kind of information do you want to obtain Start small and work your way up to continuous operation.

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