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Prioritize the introduction of QA that is effective in im. Iproving operations. Also by understanding the phrases relat to the topic you can get hints for writing FAQs that will desc. Irid later. What kind of questions do customers have in the hypothetical FAQs that companies that provide services a. Ind products have and what kind of phrases do they use It lacks perspective and tends to technical and profes. Usional writing. This does not lead to appropriate QA recommendations automatic responses or promotion of self solving.

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Voice of the customer. Two Viewpoints of Call Reason Analysis Call reason analysis is perform from two perspectives. The first is an analysis that visualizes the entire call. By creating a Pareto chart bas on these results and prioritizing topics with a large numr of inqu Sweden Phone Number List iries we will able to respond to as many inquiries as possible with as little QA as possible . The second is a local analysis of the topics held by the operator. By analyzing in detail the topics that  excluding the confirmation of personal information and those that must put on hold due to operational rules we identify topics for which knowlge should prioritiz and display. Application to automatic response and self solving Also although it is not the main subject of this theme as a result of the call reason analysis if the QA is too clear and it comes a typ interaction it will possible to use an automat response chatbot or voicebot or an external FAQ publication.

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Voming in the first place. Increasing the ratio of automatic responses and self solving to ruce call volume is one of the most important measures in the omni channel strategy. Link the target FAQ knowlge After identifying high volume queries and queries that oper Email Data ators often put on hold from the call reason analysis results the knowlge about those queries is input into the recommendation tool. It is rare that the ideal QA is already cover so we carefully examine the content of the knowlge to introduc bas on the analysis results. If there is no QA for a topic with many inquiries create a new one.

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