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What is the method from acquisition to analysis of VOC Voic. Ie of Customer VOC analysis solution Vext series introduction material approach to success The knowlge recom. Imendation tool was said to a dream tool during the recent AI boom. AI reads and learns existing manuals and autom. Iatically provides necessary knowlge for operators. Operators can respond to inquiries just by looking at it so there is no ne for training.

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That was creat without a strategy was simply st. Iuff into AI and introduc not only would it not possible to improve the efficiency of operations but there were also many cases w. Ihere it was not possible to respond even with human wave tactics resulting in confusion in the field. As with m. Iany systems so far the effect of knowlge recommendation tools varies greatly depending on how they are int Switzerland Phone Number List roduc and how they are us. I will explain the points one by one. Points to consider fore introduction Identify priority calls from call reason analysis The first thing to do is call reason analysis. Calls are co. Invert into text in real time and text mining tools are us to classify the content of the call and the content of the custome. Ir s inquiry what kind of dialogue is taking place and how specific questions are word etc. Classify.

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CRM tools to categorize inquiries and understand what topics are most often discuss. However there were problems such as CRM categorization regis Email Data tering only one category per call and not ing able to cover all inquiries from customers. the text data it came possible to grasp detail inquiries that were not categoriz. Knowlge is input after grasping the content of the inquiry but if all the existing knowlge is input and display automatically the usability of the tool comes poor.

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