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Streamline analysis work Big data analysis generally gins with the “collection” of data and then follows the process of “accumulationextraction”processing visualization analysis”. A different solution is requir. Since it takes a lot of time and cost depending on the total amount of data how to streamline the analysis process is an important issue. In this regard text mining tools support areas such as text data extraction and processing and.

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Streamlining the analysis process and are expect to improve the accuracy of big data analysis. Points to check when comparing text mining tools When considering the introduction of a text mining tool it is important to check the following six points. Does it match the purpose of introd Spain Phone Number List uction fore designing the system it is important to clarify the purpose of the introduction. There types of text mining tools such as those suitable for contact center VOC analysis products that specialize in future prictions bas on big data analysis and solutions specializ for social mia text mining. Since the appropriate solution differs depending on the purpose it is important to compare and select products while considering the business form and organizational structure of the company.

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Text mining tools differ in the data sources that can utiliz depending on the product. Data can roughly divid into structur data which has the concept of rows and columns such as Excel files and CSV files and unstructur data such as documents e mails question Email Data aires and SNS text data. In many  department and since the granularity freshness and storage format of information differ it is necessary to check the types of data sources that can us for text mining. . what features it has When considering the introduction of an IT system it is necessary to check the functions that are install.

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