Digital Tourism Marketing, a Way to Increase

 Digital tourism marketing, a way to increase direct bookings.  Tourism, online sales booking, expia or lastminute? Not even! Is joining booking or expia the only way to give visibility to your hotel . Or b&b? Would you like to leave this system and be autonomous to increase direct bookings? The “booking system” is not the only way to get notic! Of course, the advantage of affiliation is undoubt.  Online travel giants like booking give a lot of visibility, because. , like other similar portals, they are literally besieg by users looking . For last minute or affordable trips. Such convenience comes.  At a price, because there are high commissions to pay, which leave . Their mark on the annual budget of the accommodation facilities. 

Leave the gilded cage of OTAs and go your own way

How do small hotels, guesthouses or b&bs make ends meet? Why don’t you break away from this.  Intermiation and start promoting yourself with digital marketing? You would regain your freom, without having to shine with reflect light! Leave the gild cage of otas and go your own way latest database it’s clear.  Being link to otas (online travel agencies) is very advantageous.  Because those who are on expia or booking are actually found by . Many users, but, if they don’t have great economic means, they risk finding themselves in the r. What is a dream risks turning into a nightmare.  That of the gild cage, in which everything seems beautiful, even if it is not exactly so. 

Your new life post Booking, Expedia & C.

Precisely because there is an alternative to the gild cage, consider another possibility! It’s the way to go to achieve your goal: increase direct bookings! It will be an uphill road, in which you will have to rely on your own strength.  And build muscles, but you will have a powerful weapon on your side.  Digital marketing, which is no small thing! Your new life post booking, expia & c. What could  Email Data your job be like without online travel agencies? It will be a slightly different job than usual, with new elements.  Which will be your digital channels to manage directly for: make . Yourself known have more direct bookings all without having to pay.  Money to any intermiary.

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