Communication Strategies for the 2019 Elections


 Communication strategies for the 2019 elections.  Political communication, elections create useful content for your election campaign. The coming year will be a hot year from a political point of view, because there . .W ill be the 2019 elections and citizens will be call to the polls several times. In fact, there will be elections to the european parliament and . Regional elections, which will bring great excitement among the.  Candidates and the various political groups. If you decide to run, you will have an electoral campaign to organize, a political . Program to propose to your voters and you will have to prepare a lot of content! 

Content marketing applied to politics

To have maximum visibility in the.  Next 2019 elections, invest in digital marketing and offer useful.  Content to your electorate, to be circulat faster thanks to the power of the web! Content marketing appli to politics get ready to churn out.  Rapid-fire content and do target special data content marketing to communicate . With the voters of your political party. Digital has chang a few things, even in political content. Once upon a time there were only holy cards, brochures, posters, street rallies  and tv debates. Today there are also online contents, written texts, videos, photos.  Live broadcasts and stories to share on the sites web and on social networks.

Make your political staff content producers

Communication is faster and cross-mia.  Travels on different mia and is made up of a mix of contents, which adapt to different web platforms. Website articles are different from short texts, which are shar on social mia. A facebook post is different from a twitter or instagram post . An article written for the web is different from an article written for a paper newspaper! There are different  Email Data readers and people’s attention span changes! Make your political staff content producers as you know. There is a lot of work to do and there are many mia to monitor.  You cannot do everything alone and you will not be able to manage.  All the press releases to be disseminat offline (radio, television, newspapers) and online! 

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