Digital Marketing Time for Local Festivals and Events

 Digital of wines, cheeses, cur meats, ceramics,. Wrought iron works or certain embroideries, all the. Specialties.  That have different names and characteristics.  Even if they come from the same placeshe territory and sell typical products. With digital marketing, village festivals could become.  A broader event and reach a wider audience of people! I think of the benefits that it would have for the local producers, the. Street vendors who go from festival to festival and work hard at every event. With their stalls they display hand-made food and wine . . Specialties, the result of ancient traditions preserv over time. 

Our artisans are a great wealth to be valorised

I think of wines, cheeses, cur meats, ceramics.  Wrought iron works or certain embroideries, all the . Specialties that have different names and characteristics, even if they come.  From new database the same places. Our artisans are a great wealth to be valoris our italy is an army of small and large workers.  Who know how to create unique, unobtainable, genuine and therefore very attractive . Objects and products! All this variety, diversity and excellence is a great wealth, which deserves to be valu much more. The local realities that come to the surface on the occasion of civil.  And religious holidays and seasonal festivals deserve a broader . Showcase than that offer by the small village or small city. 

Which companies need a CRM?

A larger showcase, which is actually add to the one actually set up in the small town or town during the festival. I am referring to a showcase accessible to all people who.  Will not be able to go to the festival, because they live in very. Distant places and regions; to a showcase that lasts for months.  All year round and is always active even when the festival is over! Make local festivals and events known to a larger audience.  Let’s think  Email Data about it carefully.  Who has the opportunity to participate in the festivals.  Of puglia or campania? Those who live in that region or the tourists who are in those territories in the right period. And the others who live in other regions of italy or abroad?

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