Climate crisis and diversity equity and inclusion

During the week we were proud to host Kraft He. Iinz and Heineken UK for an important discussion on sustainable consumption and how brands can shift consumer haviour. Furthermore we held a series of sessions on the importance of diversity equity and inclusion for cr. Ieativity with panellists including Cephas Williams Ete Davies EMEA COO Dentsu Creative and Christine Pyle Chief E. Iquity Officer Dentsu Americas. Cannes was a rare opportunity to bring together these influential voices around topics which will shape the future of the creative industries at dentsu and yond.

Our Dentsu Labs exhibition on the final

Day was an example of work that drives good in and for s. Iociety in a way we have not seen fore. A frank display of client and agency partners aligning on principles and cultural liefs. What we saw was much more than a case study of work it was two patients in their final stages of ALS perfo. Irming in front of a live audience – something no one could have imagin possible until one person crea Brazil Phone Numr List tivity for more than an ad. Hear more from our dentsu colleagues on our approach to the  and the power of digital for good. Next generation storytelling with Ryan Reynolds We’ll admit that despite trying to play it c. Iool we were very excit about sharing the stage with a globally recognis movie star and advertising entrepreneur and the session didn’t disappoint Wendy Clark and Ryan Reynolds took to the stage to discuss what makes a good ad tod. Iay how brands are getting cut through and to hear Ryan’s take on spe vs perfection.

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As you might imagine the conversation

Cover a lot of ground but centr on three key points Firstly that advertising has got to fun to make an emotional connection to a brand. Consumers want autho Email Data rship and th. Iis means allowing them to a part of the joke not just market to. By doing this they are much much more likely to wa. Int to share the experience. Ryan shar how “humour and emotion travel the most virally. That’s the unicorn every. Ione is looking for.

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