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The Unfilter History Tour is an unofficial guide to the British Museum which gives visitors an immersive tour of the museum’s disput artefacts their origins and how they were obtain. Visitors are invit to scan objects on display such as the Rosetta Stone or the Parthenon Marbles and are instantly transport back to the time and place of provenance via Instagram AR filters. Through the experience users can listen to audio guides narrat by people in the countries from which the artefacts originat.

Not just an advert for justice but

An ucational tool providing the real facts too often hidden from the public. Well the judges of the Cannes Lions unanimously agre awarding three Silver two Gold three Grand Prix a Titanium AND crowning Dentsu Creative ngaluru ‘Agency of the Year’ all contrib lgium Phone Numr List uting to India’s most successful ever Cannes. “Unprecent” has en much overus in the last few years but this was week for Dentsu for our team in India and for creativity in general. All dentsu international collaborators couldn’t more proud “We got the world talking about something which really matters deeply  important artefacts are handl in the future and in turn could change the way that history is taught to millions around the world. Now that is very special inde.

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Amit Wadhwa CEO Dentsu Creative

India. Responsible accountable and sustainable Social impact was a core tenet of our presence at Cannes this year both in the build of our Dentsu ach House and in our session programming. Ahead of the main event Dentsu’s Chief Sustainability Officer Anna Lungley Email Data was hard at work briefing the mia on why sustainability is the industry’s greatest creative brief how to create meaningful change and how we can overcome sustainability barriers. Anna was also nam one of the leading voices at Cannes on sustainability by Fors.

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