What will be the long and short term trends

Creativity to help his nation win the war against Russia. “Even during a time of war you have the power to reach the depths of the human soul ” he said. “Speak of Ukraine don t let the world switch to something else… now you can  Europe simply by applying your professional qualities. Your every success will mean saving thou. Isands of lives.”The idea of satellite offices was discuss with mix reactions as was the idea that colleagues weren’t coming back due to commute times conflicting with a new found flexibilty.

The future of work is driven

By gen z preferences You couldn’t escape the exclamations of joy as people bump into old friends and colleagues along La Cosette. Yet many live in the same city and would once have work in the same offices and locations. It was clear ever UAE Phone Number List yone was both energiz and inspir by the in person event once again. But when the awards were over and we board woefully delay or rebook flights we were going back to a world of working from home and hybrid workstyles. So the question was how will we be working in one year or five years’ time . The big take away was that home and hybrid working seems here to stay and the creative winners will be those who find the balance to collaborate through both the virtual and real worlds.

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While no one had a definitive answer

At the WSJ New Leaders of Madison Avenue session with Mark Read Philippe Krakowsky and Wendy Clark the feeling was unanimous gen z will not and do not want to work like the boomers did. Wendy shar that “gen z never work that way Email Data and so they don’t miss it. The next generation don’t want to work like we did. We ne to find new ways to create fun to drive a return. How do we create FOMO ” The clear viewpoint was that workspaces ne to be chang up to be more collaborative creative and open environments ideally design in partnership with our up and coming gen z talent.

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