When the company was launched

All were unanimous on the strategy deployed by Damien Beaucheix, marketing manager of the company based in Réunion. In a context of business takeover and a more than competitive sector of activity, the company managed to hold its own thanks to an innovative and unprecedented strategy that did not leave the jury indifferent. What I learned from Teralta’s strategy is first of all the difficulty of the market. Building professionals are a difficult target to capture. Today, Facebook has become the primary acquisition channel for Teralta.

It’s a great honor and it rewards

The inbound strategy deployed today can undoubtedly serve as a model for the group’s other subsidiaries. Fanja Sancéau, Expert inbound marketing project database manager at Winbound and member of the jury It’s a great honor and it rewards all the efforts we have been able to make over the past 3 years. It was really pleasant and very pleasant to spend this day in Rennes. Damien Beaucheix, Teralta – CHR Group, winner of the 1st prize for the best inbound marketing strategy So you now know the big winners of this 2020 edition of the prize for the best inbound marketing strategy. See you next year for a new edition of this award.

To digital marketing in a historic


The third edition of Inbound Marketing France opened. Its doors this morning at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes.A day dedicated to digital marketing in. A historic place Email Data in the Breton capital. Wade Foster: remote work connects personal life to work. The example of Zapier Co-founder of Zapier, Wade Foster presents his company created in 2011 with Bryan Helmig and Mike Knoop. Its particularity: Zapier works on the remote work system. If this method was not the norm , Zapier managed to impose it. Today, the company has more than 270 employees in 27 countries, and all of its employees work remotely, without an office.

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