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By the way the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry is concern that many companies still operate outdat systems that are not compatible with new technology and that the shortage of engineers who can maintain and operate these systems is increasing. It seems that they are concern about the rapid decline in power and the resulting economic loss so I feel that the use of digital technology is expect to renew the aging system. If you are interest please search for Cliff in.

What is the Importance of a CRM System

In a Contact Center What is the method from acquisition to analysis of VOC Voice of Customer What data is analyz Data analysis requires a certain amount of data and the quality of the data is also important so there are many cases where big data is the target. Big data as the n Cayman Islands Phone Number List ame suggests refers to large amounts of data and there is no specific definition. Here following the interpretation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications we will classify big data into three broad categories and explain them so let s at least know the type of data that we are considering analysis. Personal data It refers to a wide range of information that can found relat to individuals including personal information call personal data . This includes anonymously process information creat by processing personal information.

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It in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law care must taken in handling it. Company bas data The Ministry of Internal Affairs a Email Data nd  into two categories “digitalization of knowlge” and “M M data” collectively call “industrial data ” which refers to data other than “personal data” held by companies. It refers to the data of In particular internal data which tends to attract attention as an analysis target includes a lot of personal data of employees so careful that it must handl in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and corporate legal affairs is requir.

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