personal information handling operator

If you use even a small amount of personal information for business it will treat as a personal information handling business operator and you can t get away without knowing it so let s firmly confirm the responsibility of the . In addition when using internal data it is important to carry out activities to supervise and support this within an appropriate scope data governance in parallel. For example if company level in house data is the target it is expect that various company level problems will fac.

If you have a system that solves company

Wide issues in advance such as policy formulation and supervises and supports the site you will able to use in house data smoothly. Government data It refers to open data provid by national and local governments. Open data is data that satisfies all of the following require Chile Phone Number List ments in order to easily available process it ristribut etc. through the Internet etc. or non commercial purposes The shape must such that the computer program can automatically process and it the data. Available free of charge in principle Various open data such as national census data are open to the public so if you have given up on using the data cause you don t have it at hand please check it out.

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Secondary use is possible regardless of commercial

This is the end of the explanation of big data but when using any data it is important to have a correct understanding of the contents of the data in ad Email Data vance such as the meaning of the numerical values ​​and the specifications for aggregation . For example let s say that electricity bill statistics are bas on the household budget survey of the national census and the results show that February has the highest electricity bill.

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