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Cloud PBX is a cloud version of the PBX that was pre. Iviously install in the office and you can use the PBX functions anywhere as long as you have the Internet. It i. Is also an advantage that it can easily introduc cause settings can easily perform on a web brow. Iser or application. If you use cloud PBX you can also make extensions to other bases other than the office so you ca. In make free calls from business trips or home. In addition since the employee s smartphone can us as an extension calls from.

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On the smartphone and you can make and r. Iceive calls using the company s phone numr wherever you are. In addition with conventional PBX if the office is hit by a disast. Ier such as an earthquake or flood there is a possibility that the company s tele. phones are ma Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List nag on the cloud . ruce the risk of ing affect by disasters. I still can t hear you Thorough explanation from basic knowlge of PBX to trends Introduction of chatbot solution Cloud PBX market share is on the rise In recent years the market share of cloud PBX has en steadily increasing. According to the results of a past survey conduct by Parallels of the Unit States the market share of host PBX in Japan as of was only . However according to the Communication equipment mium term demand forecast announc by the Information and Communications Network Association of Japan in.

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PBX is declining along with faxes and cordless phones. On the other hand the numr of companies introducing cloud services is increasing. According to the Commu Email Data nication Usage Trend Survey releas by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications the percentage of companies that have introduc cloud services exces and nearly of companies recognize the nefits. In order to spread work styles that are not particular about location such as telework and free addresses it is essential to develop a communication environment that makes it possible.

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