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In the development stage of a new product if yo. Iu make a hypothesis about a solution you can use empirical research to check whether the h. Kypothesis is effective. If there is no specific way to solve the problem we will write down the solution and conduct a conc. Kept test to check the reaction of the easy to understand visualization. If a prototype bas on the solution has en com. Lplet it is st to conduct a usability test in which users actually use the prototype.

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Analysis are also us as verification research. In the develop. Iment stage it is possible to improve the product by making a hypothesis and implementing and verifying the solution to the problem. Verification and improvement ne to repeat several times no. It just once to increase accuracy. small resear. IKch Small research is research you do with people close to you such as people in other depar Namibia Phone Number List tments or your own family and friends. There are several research  the prototype and asking for their feback interviewing one person for minutes and asking the person in charge o. Kf the end user. Small research is a method that can easily start without spending time or money so it does not require troublesome prepara. Ktions or permission and can implement immiately. Unlike other research metho. Ids the quality of research resu. Klts is not high cause it is a method of confirming only some opinions but it is suitable for cases where you want to conduct research quickly.

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UX research steps UX research is out through

The following steps understanding the situation clarifying objectives deciding methods and procures conducting research analyzing data and evaluating and utili Email Data zing it. Understand the project context first then proce with your research. . Situational understanding Situational understanding is the process of understanding the current situation such as issues that users feel and user nes. After understanding these current situations we will narrow down the contents that ne to research.

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