Analysis that researches and analyzes information

And product evaluation from the perspective of experts. There are methods such as usability evaluation by experts to analyze usage and usability. From the info. Krmation obtain by these research methods it is possible to delve into the background and awareness of user actions. You ca. In also find out about values ​​reflect in user interviews. Quantitative research quantitative research Quantitative r. Iesearch is research that aims to obtain information that can express numerically. Statistics can col. Klect and analyz to clarify user nes.

Typical quantitative surveys include

Questionnaire in which a large numr of people are ask to answer multiple choice questions to understand overall trends and tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to collect data on access. There is access analysis that accumulates and analyzes. In addition AB test which prepares multiple test patterns for websites web advertisements etc. operates them for a certain pe Morocco Phone Number List riod of time and then compares the results such as the numr of accesses and conversions is one of the frequently us quantitative surveys. types of UX research There are three main types of UX research exploratory research verifiable research and small research. We will select and implement appropriate research that can investigate the necessary content for each stage such as product planning and development. exploratory research Exploratory research is research to discover what kind of problems exist. At the planning stage of a new product we conduct exploratory research cause the issues and solutions are not clear.

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In exploratory research in addition to the above

Mention user interviews and questions we collect and analyze the information we want to know from materials and literature etc. desk research and existing comp Email Data eting products with similar values ​​and functions. There is such a thing as competitive  and discovering new nes that have not en notic fore it is possible to formulate hypotheses such as issues and solutions in planning new products. confirmatory research Confirmatory research is research that is conduct when the problem and solution are clear. It is also us to verify hypotheses made using exploratory research.

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