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Unlike the conventional type it is not limit to business phones for business use and employees private terminals can also connect. Therefore it is possible for employees to use their own smartphones to communicate by extension or to receive calls to the company while away from home. Differences tween traditional PBX and cloud PBX The difference from conventional PBX is the method of introduction. The conventional type requires a physical device at the base but the cloud type does not.

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Type where calls tween sites with PBX are charg calls tween sites are free if set up with the cloud type. In addition there are differences in the cost of implementation. With the conventional type you have to purchase an expensive main unit and ask a specialist to do the wirin Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List g work. On the other hand the cloud type does not incur such costs and can introduc with a low initial cost. What you can do with Cloud PBX In addition to extension calls and transfer it is equipp with functions such as making calls with the company s phone numr . Employee s private terminals can connect to each other via extension lines and calls from outside can receiv eliminating the ne for fix line phones. In addition various convenient functions that lead to operational efficiency are also implement.

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Automatic answering and ACD that can set the priority of incoming calls. In addition depending on the service it is possible to link with other cloud serv Email Data ices. If it is possible to link with various cloud services it will possible to use it more conveniently and . nefits of deploying a cloud PBX One of the advantages of implementing a cloud PBX is the low cost. In addition since it is not subject to physical restrictions it can us for telework and it has the advantage of ing able to use various functions that were not available in conventional models.

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