Journey map is a tool that visualizes the design

Setting objectives and KPIs User research and analysis Design p. Iersonas and customer journeys Development and release of products and services Evaluation improvement Here s wh. Iat to do at each stage First set the purpose of UX design and KPIs. KPI is also known as key performan. Ice indicator and refers to intermiate goals for achieving objectives. For example if the objective is to acquire contracts throu. Igh the contact center the numr of inquiries and the numr of appointments obtain are KPIs.

In user research and analysis

We investigate how users usually lead their lives and what kin. I of desires and psychology they have on a daily basis. A contact center that can listen directly to users voices can play an important role in research and analysis by itself. After obtaining data through research and analysis design personas and customer journeys. Set a concrete user image bas on the data and draw a scenario Thailand WhatsApp Number List of what kind of experience the user will go through to make a purchase. A customer and makes it easier to understand. Once you have a persona and customer journey you can applelease support. After testing and actual implementation we will evaluate and improve the product service by looking at customer reactions which will lead to the next development.

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Just like the research and analysis process

The real voices of customers gather at the contact center will important data. “Kandomono” contact center response quality Achiev by UI renovation LLSYSTEM ’s consulting capabilities dramatically improve CX Digital channel CX research Why You Ne a Customer Journey Map Whe Email Data n actually creating a customer journey map visualize the customer s purchasing havior by applying it to the framework. The reason for visualizing it by applying it to the framework is to understand the flow of thoughts and emotions that customers have.

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