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Understand customer nes In Japan the maturation of the market is accelerating along with the progress of digitalization and it is coming difficult to differentiate ourselves from competitors by appealing bas on functional value such as product quality and performance. In order to differentiate ourselves in a modern market overflowing with products and services it is necessary to accurately grasp the late.

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Insights. If you can analyze VOC from questionnaires and inquiries by using text mining tools you can understand the latent nes of customers and prospective customers andto improve the quality of product development and customer support . prict the future The use of text mini South Korea Phone Number List ng tools enables quantitative analysis of vast amounts of text data such as SNS own mia scientific papers and contact center VOCs. As a result it is not impossible to make highly accurate forecasts of  term prospects for technological innovation and so on. For example if you can analyze the text data of SNS with high information flow such as Twitter you can grasp trends from frequently appearing keywords and hashtags and use them as materials for management decisions such as new product development and promotion.

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Not only to fields such as demand forecasting and future forecasting but also to the optimization of knowlge management . Knowlge management is a business management method that shares the skills of skill workers and the knowlge of veterans accumulat through b Email Data usiness activities throughout the organization. The process of extracting high value add information scatter within an organization is call knowlge mining. For example by translating the know how of top selling salespersons into explicit knowlge and sharing that knowlge we can expect an improvement in the closing rate of the entire sales department.

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