Being on social media without having clear objectives

The objective is to configure a team of professionals who achieve the objectives set by the company based on the corporate culture at the lowest possible cost. And the Being on process also seems quite simple, at least from the classic human resources selection model. The first step is to publish job offers to recruit an adequate base of candidates and use the best methods to assess the behaviors, skills and motivations of these candidates based on the positions and their functions.

Whether a multinational innovation company

Is looking for professionals with high technological qualifications. Or a small company is looking for a receptionist. It is essential to use evidence-based selection procedures to cover the needs of the company. But also to satisfy the motivations of their professionals. This double objective executive email list of any recruitment and selection method. Addressing the interests of both the organization and its workers. Forces both directors and managers and those responsible for human resources to also be governed by ethical principles and the growth of people. Which must coexist with the need for growth of the company.

In people selection, kindness first and talent second: 10 measures of worker attraction. #HR Selecting talented people is key for any company. How can you improve the attraction of workers to your organization?

In this company Being on

We do not know what we will do in the future. But we do know what we will be like. The reflection that heads this article is from José Luis Vallejo CEO of the technology company in which. I performed functions as director of human resources and people development. Although director is always a word that gives cachet. The English term has more glamour. Where does it end up: Chief People Officer . Isn’t it? I bring this Email Data Spanish organization.

Which has more than 600 super-qualified professionals (and counting) in its headquarters in Spain, Mexico, Chile and the United States, to this article because it is governed by ethical principles and values ​​respect. teamwork and personal and professional motivations. It is an organization that does not tell your workers to leave their comfort zone but helps them make it bigger .

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