How can you improve the attraction of workers to your organization?

It is interesting that the workplace is also a space for play. Fun and sharing hobbies, many of which may have a direct or indirect relationship with professional attraction of activities and skills. The company can facilitate and support the emergence of groups or “theme clubs” and organize activities around. For example, board games, video games, table football, etc. If it is a company in the field of technology and programming. Hackathons open to employees and non-employees can also be organized: Hacking the Game With Beers, Google Hash Code.

These would be meetings or events

Lasting one day or a week in which programmers, graphic designers. Data analysts or entrepreneurs meet to collaboratively develop open software or other types of tools, content or projects. Another interesting experience is the creation of the Women. For STEM project with the aim executive data of increasing the presence and visibility of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The concept of “company as a club” includes its opening as a community. So that people outside the organization can participate and contribute to its activities and development.

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And continuing with the case of a technology company. During vacation or non-working periods, programming and robotics workshops can be organized at its headquarters for the employees’ children and friends. This experience has its own brand in the organization led by José Luis: Singular Email Data kids. Of course, annual internal events, whether Christmas, summer or other festive times, have a huge impact on relationships, teamwork and a sense of belonging, especially when dealing with organizations with hundreds of employees and numerous locations.

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