Why GoodNotes Is The Best Digital Bullet Journal App

If you’re looking for an app that’s going to allow you to easily translate bujo inspiration from. Your mind to the page and replace your paper notebooks, look no further than GoodNotes. GoodNotes is a digital note-taking app for the iPad. And is the app of choice for digital planners all over the globe. For good reason. Here’s for your 2021! It’s easy to edit, so you’ll never mess up a page. When you’re on paper, one slip of the hand could ruin the entire. Spread you’ve worked so hard to create. Thankfully, when you’re creating a digital bullet journal in GoodNotes, you’ll never have to worry about getting it right on the first try. GoodNotes makes editing your writing really convenient. With the Lasso Tool, you can select any text, drawing, or image to: Resize or rotate it to exactly the right position Move it to another spot on the page Change the color of the ink Copy and paste it somewhere else Shoutout to stationery_on_the_table who designed the scroll sticker Tip: In GoodNotes, you can double-tap with two fingers to undo!

Jump to exactly the right page, tracker, or month in seconds

In a paper bullet journal, you might have an index page that lists out where to find all your different trackers, monthly plans, and different spreads. But sometimes, you just don’t want to flip and flip before you find the right page. With your digital bullet journal in GoodNotes, the page you’re looking for is only one tap away. To find the right page right away, you can: Open the thumbnail view to see a visual overview of all your pages Bookmark Favorite pages to create shortcuts to your most used spreads, like your mood tracker Argentina Mobile Number List or habit tracker Add pages to a custom t outline. This essentially works like a table of contents, similar to an index page in a paper bullet journal Search find to-dos, page headers, indexes, and dates (GoodNotes can read your handwriting!) s Without ever having to put down the Apple Pencil in your hand, you can access hundreds of pens and highlighter options in GoodNotes. Customize the color, thickness, and style of your pen strokes to instantly create the pen you want.

You have hundreds of pens and highlighter options at your fingertip

Thanks to the strong digital bullet journaling community for GoodNotes, people love sharing different color palettes with the hex codes they use, so you’ll never run out of inspiration. Photo is from. They create beautiful digital planners! Easily add stickers and images to decorate your journal You don’t have to fuss with printing, cutting out, and gluing images into your bullet journal when you’re using an app. In your   digital bullet journal, adding an Email Data image is as simple as a tap. This makes it easy to keep a daily photo log, for example. Images are from rereredhhh , a sticker creator! What’s more, there are numerous sticker creators designing stickers (which are simply hand drawn images or illustrations) specifically for use in GoodNotes! Read more: Check out our guide to digital stickers. Draw straight lines.

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