When was the messy middle born and how does it evolve?

The concept of “messy middle” which has spread in recent years arises. When the principles of behavioral science are applied to the purchasing decision-making process. In both cases, people repeat the entire cycle as many times as they deem necessary. The brand continues to be one of the strongest heuristics, capable of greatly influencing consumer choice. The fact is that we are creatures of habit: once a brand demonstrates a high degree of reliability, we continue to choose it. And indeed, the way we interact with it may evolve and become more sophisticated as it becomes familiar to us.

The origins

In July 2020, after reviewing a large sample of sector studies and analyzing. The main search trends and a significant number of historical purchasing Italy Telegram Number Data series. Google published a report in which it reported the results of a large-scale experiment. The goal was to understand how consumers make decisions in an online environment full of choices and unlimited information. What Google discovered is that people prioritize and navigate. The complexity of decision-making using cognitive biases encoded deep in their psychology. The decision-making model that emerged placed the messy middle at the center. The virtual place where customers are won and lost .

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New developments

In times of economic uncertainty, marketers find themselves working under the sword of Damocles of ever-tightening budget constraints and must Cambodia Telegram Number List demonstrate that their initiatives improve ROI and contribute to profitable growth. In this context, better understanding how people make decisions offers a key competitive advantage . A new generation of tools and solutions, a growing number of which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), promise to anticipate the needs of individual consumers, connecting new customers better than before with relevant content, across all channels and in real time . The new report released by Google three years after the previous one focuses once again on the space between trigger and purchase, offering many confirmations and some news .

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