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And if I give you a link + discount code to the online store, it’s possible that you might even buy the headphones for yourself. (NOTE! This is an example ) If you want an income with a blog, you need to turn your blog into a place that serves the reader . That is, the person who eventually buys the product you recommend. Serving means that you listen to what is important to the reader. problems does he have. What does he need help with? And so on. So if until now you’ve blogged only about what’s up with you, what’s up with your dog, how your child learned to walk or what kind of treatment you received on your vacation, I encourage you to think again. Sure, these can be entertaining stories.

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But why should a reader care enough about your story to come back to your blog when new data the only person who benefits is you? The only way to fail at blogging Also financially – is trying to push and sell readers products that they don’t need, want and that don’t help them improve their quality of life or everyday life. Although good copy can persuade a person to buy, over a longer period of time trust weakens. At some point, the reader realizes that his best interests are not being thought of. And this is where I want to help you make a change. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a blogger.

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Also read this: This is how I built myself several sources of passive income The reader of your blog wants to trust that you recommend and sell Email Data only those products that are good for him (the reader). Isn’t that fair? And that’s what blogging should aim for. For building trust. Financial success will then follow.

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