The Story Behind Goodnotes’ New Look

Firstly, why did we redesign the app? Back in November we were given the challenge to bring in a new look and feel to the upcoming The Story Behind version of Goodnotes. The task at hand was not simple,   with an ambitious launch date, we needed to work out the best strategy for redesigning the entire app. So our team joined forces to face the challenge, and narrowed it down into several objectives:  Adopting the new branding for Goodnotes 6: from the bright new colors and fresh typography, to developing a new icon set and implementing an illustration system that could scale over time. Improving the core editing experience: rethinking the experience, making room for the newer app capabilities and what’s yet to come.  Evolving the overall app information architecture: considering the new content and growing business, exploring the optimal navigation experience in app.

So where did we start

Our initial goal with this redesign was to evolve our visual language to a refreshed version of the now former Goodnotes, that feels familiar and delightful to our existing users, but also draws in a younger audience. We were able to collect insightful learnings from the interviews we conducted around our concepts. It was an interesting  Switzerland Phone Numbers List  For example, the compact and playful icons were a hit meanwhile the realistic tools were too distracting. Also the colorful navigation options was slightly more popular, which led us to later on tweak this option. We based off our final direction on this feedback, as well as internal input from multiple colleagues. We had done it! The final direction was set. Now the actual work of redesigning the app from beginning to end .

How did we decide on the final direction for the redesign

You might have heard  the news that Goodnotes is now available across multiple platforms, like Android and Windows. Introducing a consistent look and feel across devices  essential for us. At the same time, we wanted to respect each platform’s native environment. With this goal in mind, we focused on infusing   our personality with beautifully crafted illustrations, vibrant Email Data  colors, icons and some delightful moments (have you noticed the cute designs on our new loading screens?). Lastly, what did we enjoy most about this process? Definitely the most enjoyable parts have been seeing the team excitement as the project was coming to life. It has been truly a labor of love, from crafting every new icon to testing screen by screen checking the designs worked as expected. We want to thank everyone involved in this launch that has made it possible to bring our users the delightful.

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