Behind the Scenes: Being a Software Engineer Intern

‍As someone who uses Goodnotes every single day, I was so excited to learn about this internship opportunity! Since education is something that I am also quite passionate about. I thought this internship was the perfect way to apply my technical skills. From volunteering to teach coding in Connecticut middle schools to creating. Ecology curriculum in Montana, I’ve worked in a wide range of educational areas and positions. In fact, in my TA position at school for one of our intro CS classes. I even use Goodnotes to draw demonstrations and examples to my students. I think edtech is an incredible field, and I’m simply excited. That I get to contribute to making this product better. Not to mention that I get to work on features I will one day use and see in the app too! What have you been working on during your time here.

What made you want join Goodnotes as an intern

‍I joined Goodnotes with the Full Page Typing iOS team and jumped in helping to develop some exciting. AI typing features! We are using AI to improve the typing experience and there are lots of exciting updates and developments. You can see in Goodnotes 6 🙂 I lead the prompt engineering research to decide. Which prompts would give us the best results from the AI typing service. I also   created the paywall to showcase what features we added in and what  Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List  users can expect to see from this new addition. As my pet project, I’ve been working a mystery highly-requested feature, with the support of my team members. Implementing this feature required a deep dive into the Goodnotes codebase, and it has been no small task to modify such a substantial part of the application. As the spearhead of this project, I’ve faced various technical challenges and design considerations.

What have you been working on during your time here

Ensuring that the implementation seamlessly integrates with the existing note-taking features while maintaining the application’s performance and user-friendliness has been an intricate balancing act. I’ve also had to collaborate with our designers to discuss how we can truly integrate this feature into the current app and align with the user experience that our users are expecting. What have   you learned while working with Goodnotes that you think will be  Email Data  relevant experience for your future as a software engineer? Before joining Goodnotes, I had really minimal experience in Swift, but my mentor James Tang helped me quickly ramp up on my work and learn about iOS development. Moreover, there is a strong emphasis on code quality and with every PR I create, I get a bunch of helpful feedback to improve my code. I think this experience will forever help me improve my code quality in future work to ensure


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