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If I wanted that post to make me 2000€ per month, that means I have to make “sales” of 2480€/month. In order to succeed in that, I have to looking at readership numbers, click-through rates and conversions thinking about what I’ve done to think about what should be done differently next analyze the results and make decisions also daring to take risks Okay (average and good target is 2%) Procedures Next, it’s time for me to think about what I need to do to increase my income.

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f the goal is to get commissions of €2,480 per month from latest database the product in question, I have to “sell approx. 35 pieces per month. T. The blog is stuffed full of affiliate links and then we sigh when there is no income. But if the blogger doesn’t know WHY the reader doesn’t buy, it’s pretty hard to develop. In the light of this example . It makes more sense to take another product for which I build a similar post and try to get both clicks and conversions to the same level (of course, it also depends on what kind of commission I get from one product).

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In other words, if I manage to repeat this same process with 4 other posts and products, it is possible for me to reach my goal. And this is what I have set out to do. I have two other products on my blog. One of which already generates €150 per month and the other €50 per month. At the beginning of next year at the latest, I plan to invest in these posts, renew and optimize them, and then start directing traffic there. I have chosen the products in such a way that the same readers do not necessarily  Email Data need them . In which case the possibility of receiving commissions of €500 for each product is greater. Summary Okay, so here comes the good news.

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