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Objective variable A result that is influenc by the fa. Ictor. Cases where these variables are us include causal relationship investigations and prictions but here t. Ihey are us to investigate causal relationships. Setting the outcome as the target variable and investigating what c. Ihanges would lead to a change in the outcome for the tter this corresponds to the so call setting of hypotheses.

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In data analysis. Verify This is so call hypothesis testing wher. Ie the explanatory variable on the X axis is mov to examine the causal relationship with the objective va. Iiable outcome on the Y axis. In other words we will investigate what changes would m. Iake the outcome ha. Ippier. If it doesn t work change the explanatory variables and test another hypothesis. evaluate Evalua. Ute data analysis res Costa Rica Phone Number List ults from an objective perspective. It is said that we can obtain an objective conclusion by analyzing data but strictly speaking the data analyst analyzes from a subjective point of view so it cannot said to a completely objective conclusion . yeah. Therefore by checking for mistakes and omissions in data analysis work from a perspective other than the analyst it is possible to get closer to a more objective conclusion . Also check whether you can easily cheat and change the outcome for the tter.

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For example if you set sales as the outcome

It is assum that there will people who ignore the deficit of the project and repeat cheap proposals to increase sales. In order to prevent such reckless sales from leadi Email Data ng to evaluation it is tter to re verify with a different hypothesis that  of the project. The data analysis is explain above. After that the goal is to consider how to move explanatory variables from the point of view of on site operations and to implement them on site so that they operate according to the analysis results.

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