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Even though it s a goal let s operate it so that we can maintain a certain quality by periodically brushing up while measuring the effect after introduction. The road to data utilization is long. As I mention at the ginning it is very important to set the purpose of data utilization. Even if you set a goal you may lose sight of it along the way or the goal itself may change.

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Take this opportunity to reconsider whether the purpose is unclear or whether the purpose has chang Advantages disadvantages of data utilization I think you have a tter understanding of data utilization but fore considering the introduction you would like to know the adva nt Cyprus Phone Number List ages and disadvantages. First of all understand the disadvantages and prepare for risk hging. Disadvantages of data utilization Anyway the road to data utilization is long and costs a certain amount fore introduction. For example we may consider building a system to collect accumulate data or we may consider procuring developing specialist skills. In addition there are many opportunities for communication tween memrs with different literacy levels so communication costs may increase more than expect and costs may occur unexpectly.

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As a countermeasure the cost will increase

In proportion to the scale so it is good to start with a minimum start within the budget . We prepare for the future by referring to the results of data analysis that may not yield the expect results but it is difficult to guarantee the future. Inthan expect due to a shallow readin Email Data  g of the data analysis or the market subject to analysis may change suddenly. As a countermeasure it is also good to narrow down the introduction destinations and introduce it on a trial basis check the introduction effect and then try full scale deployment.

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