The brewer AB InBev takes the lead: it will be the first brand

The brewer despite its initial reluctance, Netflix already announced a few weeks ago that the ads would finally arrive on its platform. As indicated on October 13. This “Basic with ads” plan , which includes a percentage of advertising within its catalog. The most affordable launched so far. In Spain it costs 5.49 euros per month ($6.99). Advertising pieces, which are in video format and last between 15 and 30 seconds. Cannot be more than 5 minutes per hour . At launch. Ads typically last 20 seconds and are broadcast at the start of the content. As well as during playback (there will therefore be content interruptions).

The brewer Two 15-second Michelob Ultra

This new plan with Netflix ads begins category email list to air today, November 3, in the United States. Where the audience is eager to see which advertiser will be the one that inaugurates this new era of the platform. As Adweek advances. The Anheuser-Busch InBev brewer, one of the largest in the world. Will be the first brand to be seen on the screens of those American consumers over 21 years of age who have chosen this type of subscription. Along this path. Netflix has teamed up with Microsoft to create this plan with ads. Which has taken the teams of both companies six months of working together.

A great opportunity for advertisers

AB InBev ‘s decision to buy media from Email Data┬áthe streaming giant is due to its objective of reaching consumers with more precision. In addition to a need as an advertiser to adapt to new formats. “We know that consumers have more and more options for spending their time online. So it’s critical that we continue to change our game as we look to further integrate our brands into the culture,” said Spencer Gordon. Group vice president of consumer relations. Anheuser-Busch InBev consumers in a statement.

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