LLYC consolidates its commitment to creativity in the Eficacia awards

LLYC consolidates as we said a few days ago. In recent years LLYC has gone from being a communication consultancy. Without a large presence in creative competitions to being a fixture on the Spanish scene. The successes achieved have made it the second creative agency in Spain in the Eficacia 2022 awards. If we look back. During the last 3 years the firm has won more than 135 international awards. With campaigns for clients from very diverse sectors that bet and they take a risk with the help of LLYC’s Consumer Engagement team. The latest recognitions achieved in the Eficacia awards – 4 awards. two gold and two silver, With the campaigns ‘Bihar, choose tomorrow’ for BBK

making brands increasingly want to take more ris

During the last 6-7 years. LLYC has industry email list opted for more disruptive Transformative creativity that has allowed us to tackle large-scale projects that make the results different. The key to all this lies not in how a message is transmitted to a specific target but in how it is done. They focus on making brands increasingly want to take more risks. Be more relevant and connected to the social conversation. Connecting the brand through its actions to impact the right communities is one of its objectives. They work to the millimeter to build the conversation structure of the projects and the highest quality of each of its pieces so that they work perfectly. As proof of this. The campaigns for ‘The cradle with screens’ by Multiópticas or ‘The last straw’ by McDonald’s.

Patricia Cavada, Senior Director of Engagement at LLYC

But this does not end here. The campaigns Email Data designed by LLYC always want to go one step further. They allow us to provide not only value to clients but also reach society to generate social significance. Impact at an institutional level thanks to challenging. Innovative and relevant projects. A clear example of this is the latest campaign carried out for BBVA, ‘Sowing the future. Which recently resulted in the Roca brothers being named ‘Food Heroes’ by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). for his work in favor of sustainable gastronomy. This project is a consequence of the success achieved with ‘The Sense of Cacao.

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