Apply the 4 Ps of marketing

You can use swot analysis once you gather all the data if you want to discover new opportunities or threats in the marketplace. This will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Another framework to consider is porter’s five forces. This looks at the market forces in an industry such as the threat of new entrants and substitutes. Bargaining power of substitutes. Competitive rivalry. And bargaining power of suppliers and new buyers. Graph of porter’s competitive forces graph of porter’s competitive forces you can also use a growth share matrix develope by boston consulting group that looks at your products or services against the competitive landscape. the 4 Ps of marketing.

This is split into four areas

This is split into four areas (star. Question mark. Cash cow and pet) base on growth and market share to drive analysis. This video below uses special data coca-cola as an example to demonstrate the framework. Organize your data for analysis group any data you collect on your competitors in an organize way. This will help you go back and refer to any data points to gain insights for future digital activities. This is particularly important when gathering data from many competitors as it will help you to check areas of similarity to identify opportunities. Criteria to analyze include price range. Social meia activities. Lead generation tactics. Content marketing initiatives.

First-time visitor offers

First-time visitor offers. Etc. Become a world class digital marketer what are the types of competitive analysis? There are several types of Email Data competitive analysis depending on your company and nees. Each one will focus on a niche area that you are looking to analyze and improve to drive targets and kpis such as leads. Revenue and brand awareness. These are the main types that focus on key digital marketing channels. But you can also analyze email (check out our ultimate guide to email marketing for guidance) or the ui and ux of a website. Ppc competitor analysis a ppc competitor analysis involves finding out the keywords or phrases your competitors are bidding on. the 4 Ps of marketing.

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