What does a competitive analysis include

You’ll learn more about their audience. This will help you develop tactics that differentiate you from the pack. Apply the 4 ps of marketing the full marketing mix is crucial to any digital marketing strategy. It will help you to analyze your competitor’s marketing tactics to gain insights into your activities. Product – what are they selling? What do customers like about their product or service? What makes it a successful product or service? What features or product(s) does their product have over mine? Price – what price model do they use? Is it a one-off payment or subscription-base? What makes the price point attractive? Promotion – how do they promote their brand and offerings? What digital channels are they most active in promoting?

What tactics do they use to promote

What tactics do they use to promote? Place – where do they sell? Are they active online or do they have brick-and-mortar stores or branches? You can gain a lot of latest database information from this process. So you should focus on the areas you want to know about. Include any quantitative data to refer back to along with qualitative. Find best practices your top competitors are successful for a reason. They have teste and tweake their strategies across digital platforms over time. This means they have develope best practices you can learn from.

Through competitive analytics

 For example. Maybe your competitors see success by marketing on tiktok. Through competitive analytics. You can see the presence of your competitors and if a majority Email Data are using it. Maybe it’s something you should consider. Or you can see that a number of your competitors have climbe up the rankings on serps like google or bing. This probably means they are using seo to optimize for searches using popular keywords and phrases. Tip: check out this seo keyword research toolkit to see how you can do the same! Use a framework for analysis what method you use to analyze your competitors depends on what you want to know.

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